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The purpose of Zyadah is to bring together all of the plus-size women so that they can connect with each other and with brands who are looking for them.

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The plus size industry is growing rapidly, but there are still many barriers preventing it from reaching its full potential. Our goal is to break down those barriers by creating a community where everyone is heard.

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Zyadah isn’t just about empowering plus-size women—it’s also about providing opportunities for them to succeed in the plus size industry. The industry is just coming up and there are many opportunities.

By creating a platform where people, agents & companies/brands can connect, we’ll be able to inspire more people from around the world to pursue careers as models, influencers or any kind of job without having to worry about whether or not they’ll fit into sample sizes.

We see the potential in you!

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Plus Size Lifestyle - The Billion Dollar Industry

A podcast by MULU, a plus size lifestyle brand. Let's talk about world's most forgotten yet (almost) biggest industry in the world! Being plus size is not just a size, it's a lifestyle!

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