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Zyadah is a community, (news) management and entertainment platform by MULU (a plus size clothing brand)

The purpose of Zyadah is to bring together EVERYONE so that they can connect with each other and with companies who are looking for them. We know that it’s hard the society is to men, women, AND for brands it can be hard to connect with this audience so we want to make it easier to find these people and work together.


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How Does Zyadah Work?

At Zyadah, we’re on a mission to scout and create a community of people who ARE role models for themselves, their families and others—and who want to show the world that they’re here!

  • Create a Zyadah account in order to show yourself. Fill in your information here as detailed as possible. Once your profile is approved by our admin, your profile will be visible to everyone and we will optimize your profile’s SEO so your reach will be bigger and you will be seen by the right people.
  • Once you create a profile on Zyadah, don’t forget to connect with like-minded people on our forum. Post your story, tips, tricks & questions so others can help you grow your reach and brand yourself as a GURU in the early stages. The more you’re active and connect with other users, the more your profile will reach viewers/followers (even outside Zyadah). That’s how our algorithm will work in your favor. You deserve to be seen!

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Plus Size Lifestyle - The Billion Dollar Industry

A podcast by MULU, a plus size lifestyle brand. Let's talk about world's most forgotten yet (almost) biggest industry in the world! Being plus size is not just a size, it's a lifestyle!

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